The Polish Chamber of Printing

kr- The Polish Chamber of Printing which has existed since 1992 is an organization of economic self-government representing economic interests of subjects acting in the domain of graphic arts industry on the territory of Poland. The main aim of activity of the Polish Chamber of Printing is, broadly speaking, the protection of interests of Polish printers, functioning as a link between the state authorities and graphic arts enterprises as well as intergrating the printers' millieu within the country. The Chamber unites on the voluntary basis, economic subjects engaged in the printing services and production, trade of products and means of production for graphic arts as well as manufacturing and servicing of the machinery and printing equipment.

kr- Members of the Chamber are the enterprises of state, private and co-operative sectors, and the range of services offered by them covers all types of printing and production assortment. The Polish Chamber of Printing promotes the activities of the printing industry, offers its professional intermediacy in concluding contracts, inter-branch and international agreements in the field of development and modernization of Polish graphic arts enterprises. Members of the Polish Chamber of Printing, while using its good offices, can offer their production for domestic and foreign markets, both for Polish and foreign contractors, on the basis of their capital and production potential. The members of the Polish Chamber of Printing and also representatives of other graphic arts enterprises can participate, through the Chambers's intermediacy, in international graphic arts trade shows, i.a. "Gec Printing" in Milan, "Graph- Expo" in Philadelphia, IPEX in Birmingham, DRUPA in Düsseldorf.
kr- Within the framework of training and information activity various forms of professional training are prepared, namely lectures on subjects concerning technology and production, economy, promotion, law and organization, and also trainings outside Poland.
kr-  The Council of the Polish Chamber of Printing maintains permanent contacts with representatives of similar European organizations offering them a wide range of co-operation possibilities between printing houses. It positively influences the development of domestic graphic arts business as well as makes it easier to learn and understand the mechanisms governing competitive markets of graphic arts services.
kr- The Polish Chamber of Printing
is an organization open to all economic subjects
interested in the organized activity in the

We invite you to become our members

and co-operate with us.
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